Yoga as a cure for insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that causes difficulties with sleeping. You may be finding it difficult to fall asleep or having poor quality sleep. There are a variety of causes that may cause insomnia including the use of curtain psychoactive drugs, caffeine, nicotine, stress, fear and life events like child birth. Sometimes insomnia may be due to medical conditions and neurological disorders. For many people affected with insomnia, a big part of their lives is interfered with especially for couples. Many relationships may be affected due to insomnia. Yoga can play a major role as a cure for insomnia. Using the various yoga techniques insomnia can be cured completely.


Yoga Nindra

Yoga nindra has proved to be one of the most effective and efficient ways of curing insomnia. It allows you to attain deep concentration for both emotional and mental levels. Scientists have proven that 60 minutes of effective Yoga nindra is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep. The best part of Yoga nindra is that anyone can practice it at any given time. The steps of yoga nindra are: relaxing the body, creating resolve, rotation of your consciousness, awareness of breath, visualization and the ending. These steps will ensure that your body will be relaxed as soon as you are done and you will be sleeping better in no time.


Practicing meditation ensures that you get a good balance of body and mind. Meditation will significantly harmonize your thinking, behavior and perspective to live in order to practice meditation the patient will sit in a comfortable position. Patients should be aware of their bodies. They should understand the importance of breathing in their everyday lives. Practicing meditation daily will create harmony of body and mind. This will create a favorable environment for you to get some good sleep.

Shatkarma, asana and pranayama

All the forms of shatkarma, asana and pranayama are important part of curing insomnia. Asana is steady and comfortable poses that control the body through various practices to control the mind. Pranayama is the control of breath; through this patients are able to control their mind through relaxation. Shatkarma involves a group of purification practices to attain a balanced physical and mental state. For individuals suffering from insomnia shatkarma helps in releasing bottled-up stress and negativity.

Yoga therapy has proved to be of great benefit to insomnia patients. In fact, it has a potential to be a supplemental therapy to modern medicine. Yoga contributes to building a healthier society and stronger relationships.