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5 Ways You Can Attract Men

Women are constantly faced with the challenge of getting men to notice them. We all have to admit that men can be quite hard to read, particularly those that you really like. interestingly, his secret obsession review reveals that this can be especially more difficult if the guy you want to attract is a friend or even a colleague. You never know whether that hug he gave you meant something more to him, whether that coffee he bought for you meant that he has the same feelings or even if that kiss on the cheek meant something more. Moreover, you do not want to read too much into every single thing they do because you do not want to make a fool of yourself. However, you should avoid playing mind games with men as most of the time they will not even understand where you are getting at. There are several ways to make any guy be attracted to you. Men are visual creatures and the image you portray to him is what will instantly draw him towards you.

Here are some tips on how to capture any guy’s attention:

1. Smile

This is by far the simplest and easiest way to capture a man’s eye. A warm smile invites any man into your space as they will not be intimidated to approach you. It shows that you are easy-going and also makes you look more beautiful, instantly drawing the attention of the man. Put on a sexy, red lipstick that will immediately draw attention to your lips and you will have the man you want drawn to you.

2. Self-confidence

Men are attracted to women who ooze confidence. If you are unhappy with who you are, they will take note of this and most of them will shy off from you completely. Get to know yourself, what you are good at and stick to that. Do not pretend to be someone you are not because you will not be fooling anybody. Also, do not try to do anything you are not comfortable with just to attract him. Make sure that you are active whenever you are around him and try as much as you can not to shy away from doing anything or speaking out. This will definitely get him to notice you. However, it is important to differentiate between being confident and attention-seeking. Ensure that whatever you are doing does not make you look like you are desperate to get anyone’s attention.

3. Make eye-contact

Eye-contact goes a long way when trying to attract men. It tells them that you approve of them as a potential mate. So make sure that you do a little eye-flirting whenever you are around him. However, when making eye-contact, be careful not to stare them down as they may end up being intimidated by you. Combine your beautiful smile with a little eye-contact for about 3-5 seconds and he will instantly notice you. You should also pick an eyeliner that will be sure to draw attention to your eyes.

4. Clothing

In as much as most men do not understand women’s fashion, it is important for you to carefully select the right clothes for you. Pick an outfit that fits you well and accentuates your best features. Do not dress too skimpily as this is a huge turn-off men. Make sure that your outfit is also a reflection of who you are to make you feel confident and comfortable enough when you are near men. Besides wearing the right clothes, make sure that you are clean and constantly practice good hygiene. No man will be drawn to you if you have bad breath or bad odor.

5. Ask for his help

Men really like being helpful, especially to women. In a century where most women want to be independent, it shows that you still need them. This will definitely be a turn-on for them. Ask him to fix your sink when it’s blocked, check your car when it won’t start or even help you do some technical things on your computer. Let him play the traditional male role he was born to do as it makes him feel more masculine when around you.

These are just a few tips to get men to instantly notice you wherever you are. Most of them might be physical, but as we said, men are visual creatures. Therefore, make sure that you are first of all appealing to their eyes so that they may want to get to know you better.