About Us

Welcome to Carrefour Vineyards, the online system of nutrition, exercise and personal counseling that will help you look and feel the way you always wanted.

We are a sincere company with a clear vision. We created Carrefour Vineyards because we believe that living a full and healthy life is everyone’s right and we want to help you achieve it.

Carrefour Vineyards is made up of an international team of young sports and healthy living entrepreneurs who decided to stop what we were doing and design a tool that would allow us to share the benefits of living a healthy life with the Latin American public. Nutrition and technology we have created a simple and fun customizable program that will guide you step by step along the way to form healthy habits that will change your life.

Our goal is to create motivating, easy-to-follow programs that produce real results in the bodies and lives of our users. We want to bring the online fitness revolution to every corner of Latin America.

Being fit – an essential part of living in the culture today. With all the wellness dangers that collaborate with being obese, unhealthy or out-of-shape, these are reasons sufficient to encourage any individual to begin fitness training and also view their diet plan.

Factors to Obtain Healthy

Why exists a demand for being healthy and balanced? One may believe there are lots of factors to start a fitness training as well as seeing the nutrition consumption. The reality is being harmful and obese is damaging and also unsafe to wellness. When one is harmful or obese, there are numerous difficulties to deal with. The danger of getting high blood pressure and also heart diseases leaps considerably. Diabetes mellitus is one more health threat. Those that have weight concerns find it hard to do basic daily activities as compared to those with regular weight that can do such tasks quickly.

Having a fitness training as well as nutrition program assists lessens the health and wellness threats. On the contrary, eating and working out best reverses the damages done to a currently undesirable body.

Working out

Exercise is important in fitness training as well as nutrition. Working out 5 days each week dramatically lowers cardiovascular disease and also hypertension. Exercise does not reverse diabetes, but brings it in control.

There are several alternatives for working out. Hikes and daily strolls are wonderful methods to stay healthy. Making a journey down to the gym does not injured either. One can have an exercise routine in a recreation center, a gym or neighborhood fitness center, or in the house.

Eating Right

Having a healthy diet regimen is one more facet of a fitness training and also nutrition program. Without the ideal diet, one can be unhealthy as well as continues to be obese even with exercises. Several foods do not have enough nutrients, but has fat. Steer clear of from such foods as much as feasible.

Rather than consuming fatty foods, fast foods, as well as sweets that need to be taken moderately, beverage lots of water, eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, starches, and lean meats. Consume low-fat versions of dairy products, such as butter, yogurt, as well as milk.

To maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, have a well-balanced fitness training and also nutrition program. It makes one feel better than ever before as well as can also include years to the life-span.


Getting to where we are today has been an incredible journey in which we have had the fortune to collaborate with great experts and personalities. Now we are confident that we can bring you a professional and effective solution to help you change your bad eating and physical activity habits to transform your life positively once and for all.