Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend

Are you tired of the bachelor lifestyle? Do you think you would be happier if you had someone special to share your life with? If you answered “yes” to these questions, it sounds like you are ready to settle down and get a girlfriend. That is wonderful, but how on Earth do you go about accomplishing this elusive feat? Women are fickle creatures that defy our attempts to understand them, and yet you have to somehow convince one to hang out with you all the time, trust you with her feelings and (hopefully) enjoy physical intimacy with you.

Luckily, most girls are just as eager to get a boyfriend as you are to become one. Your job is to present yourself as an ample suitor and understand the language of desire so as not do or say anything too stupid before she falls for you. To pull this off, you should know a few things about what they look for in a guy.


Be Genuine

Most guys go to great lengths to impress women, and this is where things usually go wrong. Women do not want to be impressed; they want to connect with a guy in a genuine and meaningful way. They want a guy who is confident enough to be himself not an insecure man-child who relies on pickup lines and tall tales. Every girl you meet is an actual person with flaws, shortcomings and insecurities, so resist the urge to pretend you are Mr. Perfect and just rely on your natural charms and attributes.

Listen Carefully

If you want to give yourself a dating advantage over most other guys out there, simply listen attentively to women when they are talking to you. Most guys are so busy thinking of what to say next that they fail to listen to what the girl is saying to them. Communication is immensely important for women, and they will always notice when a guy is not really listening to them. This is a huge turn-off, as it implies that what they have to say is not important to you. If you want a woman to run in the other direction, ignore her when she is talking. If you want to get a girlfriend, work on your attentive listening skills.

Get Out There

Thanks to the internet, you can now meet new people without leaving your house. This is a great option for introverts, but meeting people face-to-face is usually a better one. There is nothing wrong with joining a few online dating sites, but make an effort to go to parties and other social events as well. It is much easier to see if you have chemistry with someone when you are not conversing through cyberspace. Plus, it is a lot more exciting when you are out in the real world looking into a girl’s eyes as opposed to reading her profile on If you do meet someone interesting online, set up an actual meeting sooner rather than later so you can see if “the spark” is there between the two of you.

Fat burning foods you should consume

Experts recommend consumption of a diet rich in fruits, veggies, and soy products to help in cutting excess body weight. It is advised to keep a food journal and noting down everything an individual eats to stay on the track. Writing down the type of food a person consumes is a useful tool for weight loss. It is also crucial to write down how an individual felt before they consumed the food. Emotions such as boredom, sadness, and anger can make one to consume unhealthy foods that may lead to weight gain. One should consider seeking a counselor’s advice in case of a persistent emotional eating. The following are helpful flat belly overnight foods when it comes to burning excess fats in the body:

fat burning foods

· Salmon

Salmon is an oily fish that is critical for the body’s health. The fish is satisfying enabling one to stay full for many hours. Salmon has high-quality nutrients including healthy fats, proteins, and other essential nutrients. The nutrients are necessary for the biological process in the body such as metabolism. The meal is also rich in omega-3 healthy fats that have an anti-inflammatory activity, which is a crucial role in individuals suffering from obesity and other metabolic disorders.

· Leafy greens

Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and Swiss chards among others are beneficial to the body’s health. The leafy greens have minimal amounts of calories and carbohydrates with high amounts of fiber. A meal comprising of leafy greens increases one’s volume of meals without increasing the calories levels. The meal is also full in other nutrients including vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants. Leafy greens are full in calcium which studies have shown to play a significant role in burning fats.

· Lean Beef and Chicken Breast

The high concentrations of protein in meat makes it an excellent option when it comes to losing excess body weights. Studies show that a high protein diet is capable of burning up to 100 calories in one day. A high protein diet helps in reducing cravings for food by more than 60 percent.

· Boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes is a perfect option for burning fats in the body. Potatoes are nutritious in potassium, an essential nutrient when it comes to blood pressure control. Individuals consuming white boiled potatoes can feel full and eat less. Boiled potatoes should be allowed to cool to form a resistant starch that has various benefits such as weight loss. Other types of beneficial potatoes include sweet potatoes, turnips, and other root vegetables.

· Beans and legumes

Some types of beans and legumes have been shown to help in shedding excess body weight. They include lentils, black beans, and kidney beans among others. Peas and beans are good in high-quality proteins and fiber which have been proven to lead to satiety. Legumes are also contained resistant starch.

· Green tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants that are beneficial to health. Studies have shown that green tea has the ability on increasing fat burning. Green tea has various useful substances such as caffeine which is a well-known stimulant for fat burning in the body. It also has antioxidants that are known as catechins which boost metabolism.

How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle

When people start working out one of the first questions they start asking is “how long does it take to build muscle?” Weight training is hard work, and guys and gals who do it on a regular basis want to see progress as quickly as humanly possible. While it is possible to build muscle relatively quickly, some of the claims being made by supplement companies and the guys trying to sell you training programs are pretty far-fetched. For example, if you come across a workout program that claims you will put on 20 pounds of muscle in a month by following it, look elsewhere. This is pure hype, and you will surely be disappointed at the end of that month.

Realistic Expectations

So how long does it actually take? The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors from genetics to sleep habits, so there is no one size fits all answer here. As a very general estimate, two pounds of muscle per month is about what a guy can expect if he is training and eating correctly, and has pretty decent genetics. This may not sound like much, but putting on 24 pounds of solid beef in one year will give you a whole new physique that is radically different than the one you have now. Yes, it would be great if you could get those results in 4-6 months, but without taking dangerous anabolic steroids that just is not possible.ripped

The Synergy Effect

A lot of guys who ask the question, are disappointed when they get the answer, but there is a trick to maximizing the gains you make from your time in the gym. That trick is synergy, which refers to a system in which the end result is greater than the sum of the parts. In plain English, synergy is the increase in results that comes from doing everything right at the same time. This means you must carefully control all of the following variables:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Sleep
  • Recovery
  • Stress levels

When all of your ducks are in a row, so to speak, you will achieve the fastest possible gains. So the real question should be: How long does it take if I am doing everything right?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The only way to make fast progress when it comes to building muscle is to wake up each day and do everything in your power to meet your goals on that day. With this approach you will be taking control of your destiny to the fullest extent possible. Even if you are not a genetically gifted trainee you will still reap significant results with this attitude.

Types of Diabetes Explained

Diabetes is a disease which usually affects the normal way the body uses the blood sugar or glucose. The disorder is caused by failure of the pancreas to produce enough insulin, or the body cells failing to respond properly to the insulin produced. Basically, glucose is essential for human health since it is one of the main sources of producing energy in the body for proper functioning of the cells. However, when insulin is inadequate or not properly regulated, it eventually results in increased level of glucose.


Types of Diabetes

Type 1

This type is characterized by loss of the beta cells of islets of Langerhans found in the pancreas; the cells are responsible for producing insulin in the body. Generally, lack of these cells consequently leads to insulin deficiency. Insulin is known to regulate the level of glucose; therefore lack of insulin will mean that the glucose content will abnormally increase thus leading to serious damage to body organs. Patients with type 1 diabetes usually need insulin injections their whole life. They are advised to pay close attention to particular living styles and health to make sure that the glucose content stays balanced.

Type 2

It is characterized by production of inadequate insulin, or the body cells failing to react to insulin produced. It is commonly known as insulin resistance. Type 2 is very common compared to type 1 and is often associated with obesity. A patient diagnosed with this type of disease may be able to control his/her symptoms by embracing a healthy diet, exercising frequently, and monitoring the level of glucose.


It is similar to type 2 as it involves a combination of relatively inadequate production of insulin and responsiveness. It usually occurs in pregnant women and poses a like hood of increasing the risk of health problems developing in the unborn. Some women normally have high levels of blood glucose of which the body is not able to produce adequate insulin to regulate it. In fact, pregnancy has a possibility of making the existing type 1 to become worse.

Signs and symptoms of Diabetes

  • Feeling tired most of the time
  • Feeling very thirsty
  • Experiencing a blurred vision which is due to the lens of the eye becoming dry
  • Losing weight along with muscle bulk
  • Feeling itchy around the vagina or penis, or regular episodes of thrush
  • If you have a cut or wound and takes time to heal
  • Treatment and prevention

Embracing a proper diet is known to be effective in preventing the disease. The diet should be rich in fiber, whole grains, polyunsaturated fats which are found in nuts, and fish. It is important to limit sugary beverages and consume less red meat and other saturated fats as it can help in prevention.

Using anti diabetic medications to lower the levels of glucose. They are available both in oral and injection form, for example, metformin and insulin respectively.

Surgery in which a pancreas transplant is performed for patients with type I diabetes; they usually have severe complications thus requiring kidney transplantation.